Surveying services to airlines in Madrid 


Aircraft incidents should be investigated by experts.
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Surveying services to airlines in Madrid 

If you’re looking for airline surveying services in the city of Madrid, look no further than Ingemavia. We are a company that offers all kinds of aircraft incident consultancy services. Our company operates nationally and internationally at the service of both private clients and large aviation companies.

Our company has a long history of advising airlines and boasts a team of highly trained surveyors. We know that air incidents can cause confusion and chaos. This is why we take care of all the investigation work, which allows us to determine the causes of the issue and take the necessary measures to avoid future problems.

Securing good surveying services is the best way to resolve air incidents. Call us to find out more!

Investigation of aircraft incidents  

When an air incident occurs, it is very important to carry out a thorough investigation into the event. In this regard, our expert surveyors meticulously analyse all of the factors that may have been involved during the course of the event.


The surveying services that we offer include:


  • Verifying the causes and circumstances involved in the incident.
  • Providing support in lawsuits arising from air accidents. 
  • Assessing damages in order to determine possible compensation. 
  • Detecting manufacturing defects in the aircraft that may be related to the incident. 
  • Carrying out a comprehensive analysis of all repairs carried out for the purpose and effect of detecting possible diagnostic errors. 
  • Locating faults that may be the cause of the issue. 
  • Disclosing possible hidden defects. 
  • Managing the incident with insurance companies and carrying out support tasks in the event that a settlement is not reached.


If you would like to know more about our the surveying services we provide to airlines, please feel free to get in touch. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Place your faith in us!

We have expert surveyors who carry out their work in a thorough and meticulous manner.
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