Aircraft appraisals in Madrid


An aircraft appraisal allows you to negotiate a better leasing contract.
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Aircraft appraisals in Madrid

Ingemavia, a company located in the city of Madrid, carries out all kinds of aircraft appraisals. We have vast experience in the sector and boast a team with extensive knowledge of the national and international markets.

This is a widely-used procedure in the aeronautical sector. We are able to accurately estimate the value of an aircraft on the market at a given point in time. However, in order to obtain the desired results, you must place your faith in a professional company with the right specialists for this type of work.

Our surveyors have vast knowledge of the national and international markets. Ask us for more information!

We are experts in aeronautical appraisals

For an accurate appraisal, we must first inspect the aircraft to ascertain its condition. We also study all of the aircraft’s documentation, including reports on maintenance work carried out and breakdowns. As you can see, these are all factors that play an important role in this process.


However, aircraft appraisals can be used for more purposes. Some of these include:


  • In the event of conflicts between insurance companies.
  • In legal proceedings.
  • If you want to negotiate a leasing contract, it allows you to ascertain the real value you can expect to pay. 
  • During the purchase or sale of an aircraft, it helps to assess the level of financing that is required. 


 Remember that appraisals must be carried out in a rigorous and professional manner, as many aspects can affect the market value of an aircraft. For this reason, it is essential that the company carrying out the appraisal has extensive experience and up-to-date knowledge of the sector.


Feel free to contact us. Our expert surveyors, who work both nationally and internationally, will carry out their appraisals with the utmost rigour. Call us to find out more!


An appraisal is required to ascertain the true value of an aircraft.

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